Reprezentant QubicaAMF Romania - Distribuitor Autorizat QubicaAMF Romania

   Complete bowling systems
01. New systems
If this configuration is bought till July 2007, an automatic lane conditioning and oiling machine (Lane Express) is included!!!
Nr. Products
1. Automatic XLI machine
2. Complete automatic scoring system with lane management and advertising included
3. Synthetic lane panels, support structure, GLOW upgrade included
4. Ball return system, under-lane track, ball support
5. Masking unit for the curtain wall
6. GLOW bowling balls all the sizes
7. QubicaAMF pins
8. QubicaAMF shoes, all the sizes
9. Photocell, Radaray or QubicaAMF
10. Furniture to be chosen from catalogue
11. Spare parts and tool box
12. Lane cleaner and oil for the lanes
13. Installation of the equipment, duty, transportation, local taxes, training for the personnel included.
14. Advanced computer scorning management system, laser printer, TFT monitor, etc.
15. Lane express machine for cleaning and oiling the lanes.
lanes 3-5 years; pinsetter - 1 year; scoring system - 1 year.

02. AMF factory certified reconditioned equipment
  Complete reconditioned equipment or different other combinations
  Automatic QubicaAMF machine all types
  New synthetic lanes or reconditioned
  Ball return
  All the accessories included are new
  QubicaAMF scoring system

03. Other
  All the used machines types or reconditioned ones can be up-graded by replacing the used parts with new.
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